Trolleys of Toys Donated to Playground

Generous staff and shoppers at the Amblecote branch of Sainsbury’s have donated five trolleys full of toys to an award-winning adventure playground in Dudley. 

Sycamore Adventure Playground, a beacon site for inclusive play, welcomed more than 23,000 children last year – many of which were children with disabilities and special educational needs.

The playground is supported by an army of volunteers and professionals who work to make sure local children have an inclusive place to play.

The Amblecote branch of Sainsbury’s runs a Christmas collection each year, and this year, generous shoppers and staff donated more than 150 toys and gifts, filling five shopping trolleys.

Keith Rogers, the play service manager at Sycamore Adventure Playground, said he was “absolutely blown away by the generosity of the staff and customers at Sainsbury’s Amblecote. I certainly didn’t expect to have five trolleys full of toys!

“This will really help as we will be able to give these to families who would not have had a visit from Santa this Christmas.

“Some of the art and craft materials will also be used to engage the thousands of children with whom we work each year. It’s made my Christmas, what lovely people!”

Meanwhile, Kevin Healy, the store manager at Sainsbury’s Amblecote, said: “I would like to thank all our customers and colleagues, who have donated toys and gifts to this year’s Toy Appeal.

“We are overwhelmed by your generosity and would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.”

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