Dudley Zoo Urges Festive Fair Trade

Staff at Dudley Zoo are urging local people to make sure their Christmas treats don’t push critically endangered species a step closer to extinction. 

Mine pies, Christmas puddings, and boxes of chocolate might seem like festive fun, but for endangered tigers and orangutans, the products aren’t always good news.

In the run-up to Christmas, the zoo is highlighting the role that one of the world’s most widely used ingredients plays in the felling of rainforests and destruction of habitats.

Palm oil used in around 50% of all supermarket products, and growing demand has driven large-scale destruction of rainforests and peatlands to make way for plantations. This destruction is not only destroying habitats, but is also causing the mass release of carbon into the atmosphere.

Dudley Zoo is urging shoppers to look out for the RSPO or Rainforest Alliance logos, which certifies a product’s ingredients have been responsibly sourced.

EU laws state all food products must state the source of any oil or fat ingredient, including palm oil, which should make it easier to spot products that don’t harm endangered species.

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