Halesowen Taxi Firm Lends a Festive Hand

Two friends from Halesowen have been given a helping hand by a local taxi firm as the pair did their bit to support a nearby homeless shelter. 

Sharan Roberts and Glenn Coley teamed up to donate clothes and food to the Hurst Street homeless shelter in Birmingham, and approached Halesowen’s Express Taxis for help.

Speaking about her mission, Sharon said she was asked to share a Facebook post highlighting the plight of the borough’s homeless, but she started collecting items from around the house instead.

“We wanted to show the true meaning of Christmas and help those who won’t have one this year,” she said.

After asking for a discount to help transport the collected items to the shelter, the taxi firm’s bosses offered them help on the house.

Annette Parsons, the assistant manager at Express Taxis said: “When they told us what they were doing, we were so touched by their generosity [that] we gave them a taxi on the house.

“At Express, we fully believe in giving back to the community.”

Meanwhile, Amran Hussain, Express Taxis’ charity coordinator, said: “Christmas is a beautiful time, and what Sharon and Glenn have done is in the true spirit of Christmas. We’re grateful we could do our bit to support their cause.”

The firm’s bosses are encouraging anyone working on a worthy cause to contact them to find out how they can help by calling 0121 501 2345.

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