Choir Bid for ‘Happiest Christmas Song’

Musicians, composers, and a choir have joined forces with a musicologist in a bid to create the world’s happiest Christmas song and bring festive joy to shoppers at Merry Hill.

The track, which is called ‘Love’s Not Just For Christmas’, was written by British songwriter Steve Anderson and singer-songwriter Harriet Green, and performed by the London Community Gospel Choir.

To create the ‘world’s happiest Christmas song’, Dr Bennett, a musicologist at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, analysed the lyrical theme, tempo, musical key, and vocals of 200 Christmas hits.

The songwriters took Dr Bennett’s findings and penned the song.

Dr Bennett said he thought that the songwriters had “done an amazing job [by] weaving together… musical elements into a really enjoyable, happy festive song that combines classic themes with their own original ideas.”

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