£1 Fare Introduced for Early Bird OAPs

National Express West Midlands is introducing a new £1 fare for senior citizens who want to travel on their busses during the early morning.

Senior citizens are able to travel on the local transport network free of charge from 9.30am until 11pm on weekdays, and all day during weekends, but currently have to pay full price to travel outside those hours.

From 2nd January 2018, the local bus company will introduce a £1 single fare for travel outside the free hours.

Andrea Stanton, from the West Midlands Pensioners’ Convention, said the move “is so important for pensioners who have to get to hospital appointments before 9.30am. You can’t always pick your slot for a hospital appointment or clinic, so this will make those visits so much easier.

“It’ll also help pensioners who help out with family – if you have to get round to take the grandchildren to school, this… will be perfect.”

Meanwhile, Cllr Roger Lawrence, lead member for transport at the West Midlands Combined Authority said the fare was “yet another example of how our Bus Alliance partnership with National Express is helping to keep fares as low as possible, and in this case actually reduce them.

“This new £1 single fare will provide an extra helping hand for many older people, especially those on lower incomes, who need to travel by bus earlier in the day.

“The work we have done with National Express to introduce this… fare is [at] no extra cost to local taxpayers, so it really is good news all around.”

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