Schools ‘Should be Measured Differently’

The headteacher at one of Dudley’s best performing primary schools believes schools should be judged on the confidence of their pupils rather than test results alone. 

Children across the Dudley borough were found to be leaving primary school with results in reading, writing, and maths ‘well below’ the national average, according to recently released league tables.

Some primary schools saw just 20% of their pupils achieving expected results.

But the headteacher at Brierley Hill Primary, Teresa Allport, believes schools need to be judged differently.

She said: “Although for the last few years we have been towards the top of the league tables in Dudley, I feel that schools need to be judged on more than just the results the children achieve as they leave.

“Schools need to be measured on the confidence they instil in the children and the belief they have in themselves.

“We want our children to be able to succeed in life and equipping them with… basic skills is our real focus – the SATs scores at the end are a bonus.”

Brierley Hill Primary saw 90% of its pupils achieve expected results in last summer’s SATs tests.

Speaking of the school’s success, Teresa Allport continued: “As a school, we are delighted once again to achieve such great SATs results. This is due to the hard work of the children and staff alike.

“The results the children achieve is a tribute to the commitment, perseverance, and care of all who work within our school.

“We give every child who wants it or needs it a free breakfast every morning to ensure that they are ready to learn right from the very first lesson…

“We have a relentless focus on ensuring that the children are able to read, write, and manipulate numbers as soon as possible.

“To achieve this we send all of our support staff to work with the youngest children first thing to get them off to a great start.

“We are very fortunate to benefit as a school from high Pupil Premium funding which we use effectively to achieve the results we do.”

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