Taskforce Formed to Tackle Burglary Gang

The police are stepping up the fight against a gang of burglars who are suspected of hitting five Dudley homes in the past three weeks. 

Police suspect a string of 50 burglaries carried out across the West Midlands since October are linked, and that they’ve been carried out by organised gangs targeting elderly victims or those with an Asian background.

In the last three weeks alone, there have been five raids in Dudley, four in Walsall, two in Sandwell, and six in Wolverhampton.

Victims have described their attackers as Eastern European and black, while others had Irish accents.

West Midlands Police are bringing together intelligence specialists, detectives, neighbourhood officers, forensic experts, and traffic officers to launch a coordinated response in a bid to catch the crooks.

Detective superintendent Alison Telford, who is leading the police response to the raids, said: “These crimes are particularly abhorrent. Offenders are targeting vulnerable people in their homes where they should feel safest.

“We are putting a huge amount of resources behind catching those responsible, including extra support from our uniformed officers, as well as covert work.

“We would urge people to… report any suspicious activity [by calling] 101.

“People can tell our call handlers if they feel unexpected visitors may have been carrying out reconnaissance linked to home invasions.”

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